Literary Agent

The Wyatt Butterfly

by Garry Disher

Two classic Wyatt novels in one volume

Wyatt snatches the cash easily enough. He bypasses the alarm system, eludes the cops, but can he make it safely back to his bolthole in Hobart?

Port Vila Blues is Wyatt’s fifth heist, this time leading him to a reckoning far from home.

The Fallout takes off where Port Vila Blues left Wyatt: on a boat with policewoman Liz Redding and a fortune in stolen gems. He escapes, triggering a manhunt, but who exactly is hunting him?

In this sixth Wyatt novel, Wyatt joins forces with his nephew to pull off one of his trickiest robberies. In doing so he faces his most dangerous task yet.

  • Year of Publication: 2010
  • Genre: Crime
  • Audience: Adult