Literary Agent

The Money Shot

In the spirited tradition of Louis Theroux, Jeff Sparrow sets out to explore the relationship between porn and censorship, and what it reveals about our social values.

From the internet revolution to raunch culture, Sparrow’s quest takes him through contemporary Australia: the sparkly booths of Sexpo; grimy adult cinemas; the loud, pro-virginity rallies of Pentecostal youth groups; and the depths of the Australian desert, where the Intervention has led to prohibitive restrictions in Indigenous communities.

Along the way, Sparrow interviews some key figures, from religious lobbyists and porn stars to feminist activists, convicted pornographers, and those on the censorship board — who spend their days watching porn to evaluate what ‘the average person’ would think of it. Through their stories, he uncovers the hypocrisies and blind spots in a system that seeks to encapsulate the community’s views, but endorses cultural and social prejudices in doing so.

In a time of fervour and moral panic, when old divisions between Right and Left are breaking down, Money Shot probes the contradictions of our relationship to sex and censure, excess and folly, erotica and vice. By turns moving, enlightening, and terrifically funny, it will show you a new side to the debate about censorship — whatever your views.

  • Year of Publication: 2012
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Audience: Adult