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The Harsh Cry of the Heron

by Lian Hearn

The world of the Otori has entranced readers since the first book in the trilogy, Across The Nightingale Floor, was published in 2002. Now Lian Hearn again takes us back to a land that might be feudal Japan or may be another place altogether in the stunning sequel, The Harsh Cry Of The Heron.

Lord Otori Takeo and his consort Kaede have ruled for over sixteen years. The Three Countries are rich, peaceful and prosperous. The sacred birds, the Honou, nest at Terayama and a fabled creature, the Kirin, have appeared on their shores. Heaven seems to smile on them. Yet their very success has attracted the attention of the distant Emperor and his general, the warlord Saga Hideki, who covet all the wealth of the Three Countries, especially Takeo’s heir, his eldest daughter, Shigeko, now of marriageable age.

Find out who lives and dies, who conquers, and who is still loved. The story winds up to an unexpected and moving conclusion that will make you want to start reading the trilogy all over again.

Tales of the Otori

  • Year of Publication: 2006
  • Genre: Literature
  • Audience: Adult