Literary Agent

Switching Suits

Clinical psychologist and mother of two Julie Braithwaite has a Glock pistol pointed at her head during an armed hold-up in a poker bar. After stumbling across a late-night episode of Celebrity Poker some months earlier, Julie’s conventional, middle-class life has taken a dramatic turn. Julie’s casual interest in poker quickly becomes a full-blown obsession, transporting her from Sydney’s leafy northern suburbs to exotic-dancer venues and bars littered around the city’s fringes. An unconventional cast of characters enters her life, including Bluffer Bill, Loose Cannon Mick and Hitman Rick. And Julie’s earlier aimlessness is replaced by a driving goal: become the poker champ of NSW. She has just twelve weeks to complete her quest – 184 tournaments – and a list of therapy clients who deserve her undivided attention. So join Julie as she takes us (and her bemused loved ones) on a collision course between two vastly different worlds. Switching suits has never been so frenetic!

  • Year of Publication: 2012
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Audience: Adult