Literary Agent

Put Your Whole Self In

by The Estate of Meme McDonald

Meme McDonald took her camera to the Melbourne City Baths and her photographer’s eye focused on the colour and movement of a circle of older women, splashing and laughing in the pool. This was her first meeting with the Northcote Self-help Hydrotherapy & Massage group.

The stories of these women, in and away from the pool, are told with tenderness and simplicity. Provocative opinions on youth, marriage and motherhood, women at work and at home, love and the loss of it, life and death, are shared with earthy humour, courage and dignity.

New South Wales Literary Award, non-fiction, 1993
Braille and Talking Book Award, 1993

  • Year of Publication: 1992
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Audience: Adult