Literary Agent

Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo

by Tim Winton

This is the first in the ever popular Lockie Leonard series. It is followed by Lockie Leonard Scumbuster and Lockie Leonard Legend.

Lockie Leonard, hot surf-rat is in love. The human torpedo is barely settled into his new school, and already he’s got a girl on his mind. And not just any girl: it ‘s Vicky Streeton, the smartest, prettiest, richest girl in class.

What chance have you got when your Dad’s a cop, your Mum’s frighteningly understanding, your brother wets the bed and the teachers take an instant dislike to you and then you fall in love at twelve-and-three-quarter years old?

It can only mean trouble, worry, mega-embarrassment and some wild, wild times.

RB Films is currently filming a television series, in Albany Western Australia, based on the three Lockie Leonard books. It will screen on Channel 9.

Adapted for the stage by Paige Gibbs, script published by Currency Press 
American Library Association Award – Best Book for Young Adults, 1993

  • Year of Publication: 1990
  • Genre: Literature
  • Audience: Young Adult