Literary Agent

Blood Moon

by Garry Disher

‘The latest police procedural from one of the best writers in this country…Disher weaves this web of intrigue and murder with a masterful touch…The action is taut and every line of dialogue rings as clearly as a bell. Blood Moon is a fine example of just how good crime writing can be.’  Read The Australian review of Blood Moon

When hordes of eighteen-year-olds descend on the Peninsula to celebrate the end of exams, the overstretched police of Waterloo know what to expect. Party drugs, public drunkenness; maybe even drink-spiking and sexual assault.

What they don’t count on is a brutal bashing that turns political. The victim is connected. And for Detective Inspector Hal Challis, newly embarked on a relationship with his sergeant, Ellen Destry, this is not the best time to have the brass on his back. Especially when a bludgeoned corpse is found outside town and it becomes clear something much darker than adolescent craziness is going down.

  • Year of Publication: 2013
  • Genre: Crime
  • Audience: Adult