Literary Agent

Becoming Us

Elly Taylor, a relationship counselor, has drawn on over fifty years of research and the experience of working with hundreds of new parents to write this guide to relationships after children – and specifically, how becoming a parent can transform your relationship in positive ways. Part One discusses the key opportunities for growth and connection between parents. Part Two tackles the most common problem areas, providing practical and insightful approaches to resolving tricky issues. For example:

′We′ve been focusing so much on getting the baby into a routine, but everything else feels chaotic. What can we do?′

′I thought my husband would be willing to help change the nappies. He says he works 48 hours a week, and that it′s my job.′

′After holding the baby all day the last thing I feel like at night is holding my partner. I feel really guilty and I don′t want to hurt his feelings, but I can′t help it.′

This is a refreshingly optimistic yet deeply practical book that all parents should read – it addresses the challenges couples face when children arrive and addresses how they change lives, pointing out that it is possible to gain so much from this experience.

  • Year of Publication: 2011
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Audience: Adult