Literary Agent

Adrian Martin

Dr. Adrian Martin is Senior Research Fellow, Film and Television Studies, Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). He is the author of Qué es el cine moderno? (Santiago: Uqbar, 2008), Raúl Ruiz: sublimes obsesiones (Buenos Aires: Altamira, 2004), THE MAD MAX MOVIES (Sydney: Currency/ScreenSound, 2003), ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (London: British Film Institute, 1998) and PHANTASMS (Melbourne: Penguin, 1994).

He is the Co-Editor of Raúl Ruiz: Images of Passage (Melbourne: Rouge Press/Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2004), MOVIE MUTATIONS (BFI, 2003) and the Internet film journal Rouge ( He has won the Byron Kennedy Award (1994), the Pascall Prize for Criticism (1997), and the Mollie Holman Award (2006).

Selected Publications
  • Movie Mutations: the Changing Face of World Cinephilia (2003)
  • The Mad Max Movies (2003)
  • Once Upon a Time in America: BFI Modern Classics Series (1998)
  • Phantasms (1994)